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Our Core Values

Fostering the Values and Life Skills

At SOS, values education is a critical element. The Head, Heart, and Hands approach to effective character and values education at SOS allows students to evaluate their behavior and devise strategies for responsible actions. School of Scholars' curriculum includes activities like debates, group projects, presentations, and various art forms, providing students with life skills to become compassionate, accountable citizens.

Certified Teachers

Certified Teachers

The school prides itself on having qualified and certified teachers who are well-trained and equipped with the latest trends in education and technology. Their efficient and effective approach is geared towards reaching every single child.

Global Student Exchange Programme( Global Outlook)

Through global connections, SOS students gain experience with different cultures and education systems, fostering empathy and effective communication skills. Collaborating with schools in the Netherlands and Guatemala creates opportunities for learning outside of the classroom.

Academic Performance

Academic Performance and Individual attention

SOS is dedicated to ensuring quality education and personalized attention for all students. By offering doubt-clearing sessions, remedial classes, and coaching for high achievers, we equip students with a unique advantage. Our monitoring system tracks progress and takes timely action, resulting in a maximum number of students achieving higher grades.

Creative Activities

Creative activities at SOS encourage students to explore, discover, and develop on their own path. Drama, story-telling, speeches, dance, art & craft, computer-aided learning, and other activities synthesize information and bring joy to the educational experience.

Creative Activities

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